Facebook Support Number

Facebook Support Number

When someone talks about the social media sites, one popular word that strikes in our mind is none other than ‘Facebook’ as nobody has been untouched by the reach of this site. Every day, millions of customers register their account and become the member of this social channel to be connected with their loved ones. Despite being the availability of various other networking sites, people only prefer it to make a conversation with numbers of the persons. From school student to collegians, an employee to a boss, and an old man sitting at the corner of the tea stall, everyone is fascinated towards its stupendous features which this site offers on a regular basis. In reality, Facebook has set the stage on the fire and rules in the heart of the users.

But, as the saying goes, the road of the life is not full of roses; likewise Facebook users are also not so fortunate all the time to use this site without facing any infuriating issue. It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes. Whenever the users contend issues, be it easy or complex, they go in the search of getting comprehensive solutions on their own but at the end of the day, end up being frustrated as Facebook doesn’t offer direct helpline and customer service to its users. At that time, the users should make a call at Facebook Support Number and get in touch with the sagacious technicians. Here, all sorts of Facebook issues will be extirpated by the erudite tech professionals.

Below list enlists some of the common Facebook related issues for which users should dial Facebook Support Number:

  • Unable to sign in to Facebook account.
  • Password resetting or Recovery Issues.
  • Facebook account has been hacked.
  • Facing trouble while changing password.
  • Unable to create interactive posts.
  • Issues in permanent deletion of Facebook account.
  • Facing errors in chat application.
  • Problems in prevention from Facebook cloning.
  • Compatibility issue while using Facebook with latest version of Web browser.
  • Getting failed in sending and receiving messages.
  • Forget to logout.
  • Privacy and security problems.
  • Server outage issues.
  • Device gets frozen all of the sudden.
  • Having difficulty in finding any updated feature.
  • Being harassed by someone.
  • Getting offensive comments.
  • Inappropriate videos in one of your posts.
  • Someone is stalking you secretly.
  • And the list goes on……

Due to lack of technical knowledge, the users can’t sort out these Facebook issues on their own and hence, they need to take technical assistance from the renowned technicians by making a call at the Facebook Support Number.

How Does Facebook Support Number Help In Permanent Deletion of Facebook Account?

Integration of social media communication with internet technology has opened the door of a whole lot of opportunities for people. Facebook, as the king of all social media networking platforms has completely broken the barriers of physical distances between people. Trough Facebook, they can not only share their views and moments of happiness but can also get in touch with their near & dear ones.

As a typical Facebook user of the 21st century, if we recall its previous history and move forward chronologically till now, then we will come to the conclusion that Facebook never compromised when there was a need to adopt progressive trends. At initial, it was a small platform for sharing personal or public information for entertainment purpose. But, today it is converted into a gigantic platform accomplishing social, public, private, monetary, education, political, technological and environmental goals.

However, Facebook is continuously experiencing increment in its users; still, there is a huge list of unsatisfied users who are no longer happy due to some annoying or horrible experiences with it. Facebook as genuine, authentic and socially aware social media platform provides an option for its dedicated users to deactivate their account in case of dissatisfaction or other circumstances. The internet is full of agencies that are ready to help users to overcome challenging issues in an efficient manner via Facebook Support Number.

How to Delete Facebook Account?

Below mentioned steps describe steps for permanent deletion of Facebook Account:

  • Navigate to Facebook Deletion Page by pasting below mentioned address on URL.
  • https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account.
  • It asks login credentials i.e. email address or phone number and password if the user is not logged in automatically.
  • After clicking “Delete my account” a pop-up window is invoked.
  • This window will ask for user’s password again along with captcha code for security reasons.
  • After successful entry of captcha code, a new pop-up window appears with a text with some information.
  • At the end, clicking ok button, the user can delete account successfully.

Important Note:

Facebook gives 14 days’ time to decide whether you want to reactivate your account or not. In case of any doubt, users are suggested to reach a viable tech support agency via Facebook Support Number.

  • Critical security shortcomings make Facebook less trusted.
  • Addiction of Facebook causes increment in stress and anxiety level of some of its users.
  • No assurance of security for private data as third-party apps can access their important data through their Facebook account.
  • Unavailability of reliable Facebook Customer Service.

Some below mentioned facts clarify the reason more clearly:

  • A research from an esteemed organization says that 1/3rd users accessing Facebook had to delete their account due to their privacy concerns.
  • One-third of population of youths has deleted its Facebook as they don’t found it cool
  • Ten percent of users between the ages of sixteen years to thirty-four years were found deactivating their Facebook as their parents or known relatives were peeping their account.
  • There is no any provision to delete account instantly. Facebook gives the time of fourteen days to its user to change his/her mind and rejoin it again.
  • After fourteen days, whole profile of the user is completed removed from the database and user cannot revoke it by any means.
  • Logs of Deleted profiles are stored in Facebook.

For users who want to suspend their account for certain time period can deactivate their account and temporary basis and vice versa. While deactivating Facebook account on a temporary basis, Facebook asks user questions to give reasons as a feedback for further improvement of its services. The method for deactivation of Facebook from or PC is slightly different. A Facebook user has options to take significant help via Facebook Support Number from expert consultants.

Account Deletion and De-Activation of Facebook Account:

It creates confusion for most of the users when they want to say bye to their Facebook. Difference between De-activation of Facebook from Account deletion can be understood clearly through below-mentioned description.

  • Facebook Account Deactivation.
  • If an account is deactivated, no one can see or search its timeline.
  • In case of user account deactivation, the user can reactivate it as per his/her requirement.
  • Once account is re-activated, account information and friends list is automatically restored.

Know what the cyber crime exactly is? Cyber stalking on Facebook is an erroneous use of electronic means by the negatively driven Facebook users to harass someone in extremely excruciating manner. You can call them online stalkers who use to pester the innocent Facebook users, stalking them desperately by sending abusive messages, quotes, GIFs, videos or even by calling them on Facebook. To know more about it, you can also attain Facebook Customer Service. Cyber stalking generally shows the exploitation of the minors very intensely which usually affect them in a very agonizing manner. Thus, making a candid discussion on such issue via Facebook Support Number should be the first concern.

In the world of digitalization, everyone is deeply obsessed with this captivating online technology used by various social networking sites. The most engaging one is Facebook on which most of the youngsters spend lots of their time in various online activities. Most of them use it in a positive manner for connecting themselves socially while some use it erroneously for some excruciating activities such as hacking, scamming, cyber bullying, cyber stalking and many more. Thus, it has now become quite clear that Cyber stalking come from those negatively motivated Facebook users who think Facebook is just a platform for playing with the sensitive minds. Facebook Help Number can elaborate such issue in a great manner so that you can easily get the source of this torturous crime.

How Cyber Stalking Harms Others?

Cyber stalking is something which is awfully frightening for the Facebook users. This distressing crime is not only limited to the online stalking, abusive commenting or any harassment issues but it may also harm you mentally or physically when it comes to the real world. So, you need to be more conscious regarding such badly affected issues and come out of anguished activities by connect via Facebook Help. This crime can also harm you by sending threats and pseudo accusation frequently on your Facebook account which may affect you badly. Therefore, Facebook Customer Service Number is proved to be the best way to know more about such torturous issue which is deeply tormenting the guiltless Facebook users.

How Can You Avert Someone From Stalking You Online?

Have a glance at some steps mentioned below which may help you to prevent someone from stalking you desperately:

  • Be careful while sharing any of your personal information on Facebook. It may become easy for the stalker to drive your vital data online.
  • Create a different account for registration purpose on any of the social networking website.
  • Provide all your identifying information online such ad date of birth, etc.
  • Use a different photo and online location on your online user profile which is not recognizable completely.
  • Facebook use to change its privacy setting most of the time. So, it is better to check your privacy settings again and again.
  • Kindly read all the information of the front as well as on the back page of your blog or website.
  • Make sure that the Internet Service Provider uses the cyber stalking policy properly.

These points will be quite helpful for you to avert yourself if someone is stalking you online on Facebook. Still you are offered to attain maximum help via Facebook Support Number where you will get more and more ideas about cyber stalking issues.

Acquire some anti-stalking tips via Facebook Support Number:

  • Set unique password by practicing good password management and other security settings.
  • Update your security software to prevent your system from malware attacks.
  • Maintain Vigilance over physical access to your system.

These key features are going to help you for sure. You can also get more and more astonishing features simply by contacting Facebook Support Number.

It is quite necessary for the minors to know everything about cyber crimes, scamming, hacking as well as cyber bullying issues completely so that they can prevent themselves from such excruciating cyber issues. Therefore, it become a duty for every parents to aware their children about such issue. Also you can get many more tips to teach your children about this via Facebook Customer Support Number.

How To Report It If Get Affected?

If you are cyber stalked, make sure that you have kept a copy of those abusive comments, messages, or also a copy of online image that could served as a proof. Get more ideas via Facebook Support Number.

Last but not the least; never get afraid of such torturous crime and report it to the police as soon as possible if you ever get entangled in such issues. The Cyber crime department is always there to stamp out such issues related to cyber stalking and many more similar to it.

To get more about it, contact Facebook Support Number to get proper assistance from assiduous experts.

Have you ever heard about Facebook cloning? Facebook cloning has become a proliferating issue in recent months. Facebook Cloning basically means creating a new account with your name and your photo. You generally obtain actual friend requests but sometimes we fall a prey to this technique which is also known as identity theft. They steal your cyber identity and then approach your family or friends with your name. They sometimes mimic your status to learn your art of communication.

Some persons consider Facebook hacking and cloning as synonymous. But it is not the case. There are two different phenomenons. Facebook Cloning means creating a new profile using your name and photo. Hacking means somebody has accessed your account and they have used your confidential details to login your actual profile. Second point hackers may require some technical skills to hack your account but no technical skills are required while attempting Facebook cloning. A dedicated team at Facebook Help can make this difference clear to you in a decent way.

Risks Involved In Facebook Cloning:

  • There are various threats which a user can face if his/her profile is cloned. Have a look at some points listed below:
  • They can ask for money from your friends on your behalf.
  • They can steal your confidential business information and harm your business growth adversely.
  • Your friends can fall in the trap of cloning and might reveal your personal information to the hackers.
  • They may mar your reputation before social community.

You can know a lot more about risks involved by dialing Facebook Customer Service.

Know About Principle of Least Privilege for Preventing Cloning Using Facebook Support Number

Principle of least privilege is a boon for protecting your account and every common user must be aware of it. This principle means giving the user account only that access which is essential for completing intended task. If someone intends to take back up simply then there is no use of installing software in it. Then according to this principle any other rights of user are blocked. This principle is a boon in protecting your FB account’s security as well. You can dial Facebook Support Phone Number also to if you want to go in deep related to difference aspect.

Facebook Customer Service telling you steps to ensure prevention from cloning

Whenever you get a friend request followed by an email do not accept it blindly. Just ask a simple question to yourself, whether you really know the person who has sent you a friend request. If you can find the same person in your friend list already then never go on accepting the friend request. You can get Facebook Customer Service to know more.

  • You must remain cautious of those programs that require access to your Facebook login or password. Some apps ask for too much personal information hoping that you will provide it without any doubt. And hence they make people befool by gaining access to their personal information. If you have a desire to know which apps have access to your Facebook account, then you can click on “gear icon” then on account settings and then go on apps on the left side. Now on the right side a list of apps will appear which you have granted access to. You can also click on edit next to see the details about exactly what your apps can access. If you feel that any app can harm you and you don’t feel it that it should be there then you have the discretion to remove it. You can take the help of Facebook Support Number


  • Hide your Friend list: You can yourself take a lot of security measures to safeguard your account. One of them is to hide your friend list. By doing so cloners will not be able to see your friends and hence they will not be able to send any friend request or invites to your friends. For enabling hide option you can go to your profile and then click on friends tab. In the next step, click on right side to edit privacy! If you are not clear about the steps then you can take the guidance of Facebook Help.

  • Perform a privacy check up of your FB account: You desire to perform a privacy check-up of your FB account as a doctor performs your diagnosis, then you can go to lock icon at the top right of your Facebook profile, now you can have a quick privacy check up of your posts, apps and profile. Now make it sure that they are set to only me or friends but not public. You can dial Facebook Support Phone Number also to if you want to go in deep related to difference aspect.

These are detailed insights about how to prevent Facebook cloning. If you still have any doubts and want to get rid of all your doubts then you can acquire our Facebook Support Number.