Facebook Hacking

Facebook Hacking

Facebook hacking problem and how to Avoid it?

It has been noticed that in the recent months the numerous of Facebook account has been hacked by the hackers by using Facebook phishing technique. To understand this, let’s take a quick look at why Facebook accounts became a target for hackers.

Why Does Facebook Hacking Problem Occur?

Facebook has more than 500 million users and provides incredible loads of information. Now the advertisers are migrating to segmented advertising on Fb. The same affiliate marketing professionals who previously used spam and commented spam on the blog to force their message to the public discovered that, by hijacking Facebook accounts. They can deliver their targeted message to friends and different connections of the user.

How Facebook Accounts Being Invaded And Hacked?

This is really just a new delivery method for an old phishing technique used for Facebook Hacking. Phishing occurs when you insert your login credentials into a Facebook home page or download malicious software for your computer. This can may be result is sending the messages automatically to a large number of friends. These messages or links are usually ads that encourage your friends to watch videos or products.

Once the hacker picks up the credentials of the user account on Facebook, just log in to the account, change the password and start sending ads to affiliate programs, plus more invitations to desist from your account information. This process continues to spread because people simply are not aware of it.