How To Tag People On Facebook?

New Facebook User?? Want to know How To Tag People On Facebook, just read the steps given below. In this blog, two methods of tagging people on facebook have been described you can follow anyone. Facebook is one of the best and popular social networking site and over millions of people use it. On Facebook, you can create your profile, make friends, can promote your business and even can do Facebook Marketing. If you are facing any technical issue or other problems while accessing the Facebook Account then avail our Facebook Customer Service. You can contact us at any time as we are 24/7 service provider.

How To Tag People On Facebook Post?

First login your facebook account by mentioning email id or phone number and password on the facebook login page.

Thereafter, the Facebook homepage will open on the screen.

Then open your Facebook profile page.

From there in the post box add image or write status. After adding the image or status you will see one list just below the box from there click on tag option.

Then one search box will there at that time the person name to whom you want to tag.

On typing the name some results will display on your screen from there select the friend name.

After that click on the post button.

Thereafter, a notification will be sent to your tagged friend.

How To Tag People On Facebook Post by Mentioning Name?

Open your Facebook account and then visit your Facebook profile page.

In the post box select image or status whatever you want to post.

Then in the write something box type your friend’s name.

On typing the name you will able to see one search result if you find your friend’s name there then click on that.

Thereafter, click on the post button.

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