How To Set Up Facebook Account?

If you want to be a Facebook user and want to set up Facebook account then follow the steps given below. If in case you are facing any other technical issue then feel free to call on Facebook Support Number. Our Facebook Customer Service is available 24/7.

Creating a Facebook Account

At first, create your Facebook account by entering the first name, last name, mail id or mobile number, password and date of birth on the Facebook Sign Up page.

After mentioning all the details click on the Sign Up button.

Thereafter, verification mail will be sent at your mail id, open t

he mail and then click on the link.

On tapping the link your Facebook Account will get activated.

Setting up your Facebook Profile

After creating the Facebook account first thing you need to perform is inserting a profile picture and timeline picture. You can insert profile picture by tapping on the Update profile picture link (Update profile picture link is usually present on the picture inserting box).

Thereafter, insert timeline picture by tapping on the update picture link given on the timeline box.

After inserting the profile and timeline picture enter your other details like your education, experience, location, etc on your Facebook profile.

Facebook Privacy and Security Setting

After completing your profile setup your privacy and security setting. For setting Facebook Privacy and Security tap on the setting icon which is usually present on the top right corner of the screen. Then select the privacy option. For setting privacy you have to answer questions like –

Who can see your future posts?
Who can see my email address?
To whom your mobile number will be visible?
Select who can send you a friend request?

After setting your privacy you can post and share the images, videos on your timeline and can also add friends.

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