How To Protect Facebook Account From Hackers?

Nowadays mostly all individuals use Facebook as it is one of the best social networking platform which allows the user to make friends, create a profile, facebook page and any more. From this blog, you can read about How To Protect Facebook Account From Hackers. For protecting your Facebook account from hackers must follow the points given below.

Evade Saving Your Password on Other Devices
If you are using another computer and phone then you must avoid saving your Facebook password. For you, the saving password is not a big thing but if you are doing so then you are openly inviting the other user to use your Facebook account. Another user can also change your password very easily and then you will be not able to do anything.

Log Out From Other Device
Using Facebook on other devices then do not forget to Log Out your Facebook account. Sometimes it usually happens that individuals use there Facebook on others’ devices and then forget to Log Out there account for your security purpose you should avoid this.

Change Password Time To Time
In order to secure a Facebook account, one should change a Facebook Password from time to time. You should create a strong password so that no one can guess it. In your Password must use alphabets, numbers and special characters.

Choose Two-Way Verification
From the Facebook security section must choose a two-step verification option so that no one can open your account as when you choose two-step verification than on signing in your account on other devices you need to enter code which will be sent on your mobile.

Clear Browser Cache
Some time your password and other information get saved in the browser so you should always clear your cache time to time in order to avoid Facebook hacking. Clearing cache will also help you in securing your devices from viruses.

Protect Your Device From Spyware and Malware
Must use antivirus on your device so that you can protect your system from unwanted viruses like Spyware, Malware, etc. Hacking can be easily performed by using the software so you should never neglect the different activities occurring on your account. If you are facing any suspicious activity then you should immediately contact at Facebook Customer Service Number.

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