How To Fix Facebook App Crashing On Android?

If you are an Android phone user and have a question that How To Fix Facebook App Crashing On Android? then just simply take the following measures for fixing the Facebook App Crashing issue.

Reboot Phone
If your Facebook App is crashing on your phone then first Reboot your phone. The rebooting is the common medicine for all problems as by rebooting a phone, tablet, or even a PC can resolve many issues.

Log Out Facebook
If on your Android phone Facebook App is crashing again and again then first Log Out your Facebook account. Then later Login your Facebook Account this may also help in fixing Facebook App Crashing problem. Some due to the Facebook data loading problem Facebook app get crashed.

Clear Cache and Cookies
Facebook App cache and cookies can also crash your app so from time to time must clear cache and cookies from the app. In your android phone visit your App store and open Facebook App. From the Facebook App Info page, click on the storage option and then tap on the clear cache option this will result in clearing your Facebook cache.

Delete Facebook App Data
Sometimes when Facebook Data get overloaded in your Facebook App then app crashing issue generally faced by the individuals so for fixing this problem you need to clear data from the app. Cache clearing is different from the data clearing as when you will clear data then you will be automatically logged out from your Facebook account and your media downloaded through Facebook will get deleted.

Update Facebook App
Facebook Crashing problem also occurs when you do not update your Facebook App on your Android. Updating Phone and App can also fix Facebook App Crashing issue. If you are using an android phone then you can use Google Play Store for updating your Facebook App.

Disable Power Saving Mode
Sometime Enabled Power Saving Mode is also responsible for Facebook crashing. Disable your Power Saving Mode from your Android for fixing Facebook App crashing problem.

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