How To Add or Remove Email From Your Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the famous social networking site and it was founded by Mark Zukerberg in 1996. Nowadays, numerous individuals use Facebook for their entertainment, marketing, messaging, video calling, making friends, stay in touch with old friends and family, etc. If you are a Facebook user and want to add or remove email from your Facebook Account then follow the steps described below.

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How to Add Email on Your Facebook Account?

First of all, open your Facebook account and then click on the triangle icon . This triangle symbol is generally present on the top right corner of the screen.

On clicking the icon you will be able to see the dropdown box, from their select Setting option.

Thereafter click on the contact option usually present in the General tab.

After that tap on Add another email or mobile number option, then mention your email and password.

Then click on the Submit button after that tap on Close link.

On successful adding of Email, you will receive one verification mail. Open the received mail and then click on the mentioned link for confirmation.

How to Remove Email on Your Facebook Account?

First Sign in your Facebook Account, then click on the triangle icon .

Then from the dropbox tap on the setting option.

After that select the contact option from the General tab.

Then click on the Remove option. Next to your email id Remove option will be present.

Thereafter click on the Save changes button.

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